Appointments and process of attending

Please Read This Before Booking

We take Infection Control seriously - your safety is our first priority.  

The room that you are examined in will be cleaned and disinfected before and after your visit.

When you arrive,  drive through the orange flags and park in the bays marked in red.

Please present to the door with the red "Stop" sign on door 4. Please use the hand sanitiser on the pole and ring the door.

You will be provided with hand sanitiser and a mask prior to entering the clinic. Try not to touch anything in the clinic if you can help it, including door-handles.  You could keep your hands folded across your chest to help you remember.

You will be directed to the examination room to be assessed. You will be provided with a script or a medical certificate if required. If testing is required for COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses you will be instructed on how to collect your own swab.

After exiting the practice please take off your mask and dispose of it in the bin. Ensure that you do not touch the front of your mask, which may be contaminated. Then use the hand sanitiser provided before returning to your car.